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Yayaa - Playing Around E-mail
No matter what apparatus she is on, Yayaa loves being at the playground. The swing, the slide, & anywhere else...Yayaa has a great time and shows off her new belt. The Honeybee in black from the Now collection goes anywhere and fits anyone's style.

Yayaa - So many bathing suits... E-mail
Which Suit Suits Yayaa Best: So many bathing suits, so little sun!! Yayaa takes a day to try out different bathing suits. On the shore, around the tree, and even in a little park, Yayaa plays around and shows off her many different suits! Anytime there is sun out is a good time in Yayaa's book...no matter what she's reading!!

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Yayaa - Just getting Started... E-mail
Yayaa is enjoying a day in the sun. Strolling through the park, walking the tracks, and even getting her truckand her dog washed are all things she enjoys. Anything which involves some physical activity, being with her husband, and posing for the camera. Three of her favorite things rolled into one fabulous day!!

Yayaa - Strolling through Downtown Beaumont E-mail
During a late evening stroll through Downtown Beaumont, Yayaa notices an abandoned building. She should pass by and leave it alone in its beauty beyond the dust; however, she just can not get the building out of her mind. She sneaks in the back door and closes her eyes. She imagines the building in 1908, when it was first built, in all its glory...and oh, the beauty which she finds!

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