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Jumeau Looking for More Sales Reps E-mail

Jumeau is looking to increase our team of qualified independent sales representatives. Jumeau uses independent sales reps servicing geographical territories and specific markets. We are looking for Reps in the US & Canada for the Following Markets:

  • Fashion / Boutique
  • Photography
  • Action Sports
  • Outdoor Retail

If you are interested, please send an email to reps(AT)jumeaubags.com with: your contact information, the other brands you represent, the territory you cover, the markets you service, whether you do post sales support, whether you do events in your territory, and the size of your staff. You can also download our sales rep application and email / fax it back.

This position is for a traditional outside independent sales rep – all expenses are covered by sales rep in exchange for a flat commission for compensation. Things such as Business cards, workbooks, catalogs are provided by the company; but all other costs – sample set, phone, internet, and travel expenses are covered by the sales rep.