Be elite, be bold, be yourself! Carry a bag from our Deft collection and you will leave them wondering who you are. The perfect accessory for any occasion whether it be day or night business or casual.


The Now designs are trendy, cutting edge, and progressive. Now is an ageless look for anyone who wants to be exciting and in fashion Now. Whether it be wandering from boutique to boutique or out to the night club, these styles will get attention the minute they walk into the room.


Institution collection was designed for the young, upwardly mobile, professional that is fashion forward, who wants a functional but not trendy look. These bags can be carried from the office boardroom to a sleek nighttime meeting over cocktails. Durable materials take this stylish professional look to another level while maintaining longevity to the wear of the actual bag. Using technical materials and textile designs gives this collection a classic look and feel to last throughout the seasons.


The green collection is the style of the future. These consumers are aware of their surroundings and want to look hot while making a difference.

Focusing on natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and natural dyes, this collection takes fashion to an Earth friendly sustainable level. Whether it’s finding Zen on top of a mountain or simply driving their electric car to the nearest Whole Foods these people can relax knowing that their style was produced for them from non harmful substances.


The Commando collection is a tough progressive series that goes beyond any limitation. These urban designs give functionality and style for those individuals that are on the go and mean business. Edgy colors and prints push through the muck and grime of everyday life. Roomy compartments lend a hand for all day excursions, whether it be taking a train from one end of the city to the other or touring to some far off world. These jet setting looks are serious and won't let anything stand in your way.