• Where you hang your hat - Downingtown, PA
  • Five essentials - Cell phone, Ipod, clothes, family, friends
  • What’s Wired’ - Vintage; Tired’ - Spanks; Expired - Dressing like you're part of the Sex Pistols.

Kat - Horseback ride E-mail
Everyone knows that Hippie's have the most fun. But watch out when they are on horseback! For any look or season, the control freak is for you!
Kat - Rocking the Venom Kiss E-mail
The belt made for the colors for all the looks! From the run way, to the night club, even to the office! Can be worn for any occasion and have the best look wherever you go. Flaunt it, be proud of how you look because you do look like A million Dollars! -Kat
Kat - Going Atomic E-mail
Atomic bag can be worn for the urbane or the laid back. For going to the café, or going to the office it will have everyone asking, “Where did you get that bag!?”.  And nothing beats that feeling of having something that catches every woman’s eye of any type from the young to the old. -Kat
Kat - On the Prowl E-mail
In this file of photos you see Kat wearing the lovely “On the Prowl” belt which is by far one of the most comfortable belts worn, very stylish and goes with pretty much everything. With whatever you wear it fits with your wardrobe and sticks out enough to catch someone’s eye. Perfect for the out on the town girl who just likes to have fun and stay stylish! -Kat
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