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Jumeau, maker of progressive hand bags, belts, shoes and accessories, is looking for exciting, upbeat, socially progressive and attractive girls to help market our products.  Jumeau Girls / Guys are the social butterflies of their social network.  As ambassadors for the company, Jumeau Girls / Guys are approachable, easy going and the kind of person that everyone loves knowing and being around. We are looking for hipsters & girls that are part of their local scene; they definitely know where the party is through their intimacy with local fashion, art, music and club circles. Jumeau Girls / Guys are not defined by one shape, ethnicity or style.  Each Jumeau Girl / Guys is unique and confident.

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Jumeau Girl / Guys - Overview //  Jumeau Girl / Guys - Application (Adobe PDF)

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Jumeau Girl / Guys - Details //  Jumeau Girl / Guys - Gallery Requirements

If you are the spark of your social scene and would like to continue to extend your social scene, please fill out the Jumeau Girl / Guys Application (Adobe PDF) and fax it to 928.833.0070 or email it back to us at girls(a)

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