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Fashion Specialist - Application E-mail
Below is the Jumeau Fashion Specialist application – our consumer direct sales force.  Please visit the Fashion Specialist page for more information or contact us if you have any questions.

Please make sure You have Downloaded & Read the Job Description

Contact Info:

Phone :: Your Phone number
Email :: Your email address
Are you Over 18? :: Are you over 18 Years Old?

Basic Info:

Favorite Handbags: :: Please tell us about your favorite hand bags
Modeling Experience: :: Please tell us if you have any experience as a model, either local or national events.
Promotions Experience: :: Please tell us about any experience you have in promotions, either event, show or social promotions.
Fashion Experience: :: Please tell us about your experience with fashion.
How many people do you know? :: Roughly how many people are in your social circle?
What do you do that is unique: :: What makes you unique?
How often do you go out shopping? :: How often do you go out to the stores shopping – for anything and everything?
Trade Shows you attend: :: have you attended fashion or other trade shows in the past?
Other brands you represent: :: do you sell any other brand of products?
Party Plan Experience: :: Do you have experience with the party plan sale model?

Background Info:

Where you hang your hat: :: Where do you spend most of your time?
How you make your money: :: What do you do to make money and pay the bills, what have you done in the recent past?
Fashion and You: :: us a 1 or 2 line sentence to describe you and fashion
Favorite Event and Why: :: what kind of events do you like to attend?
Anything else you would like us to know: :: Anything else you want to tell us?
How Did you Hear About Jumeau? :: Please tell us where you learned about Jumeau
I understand that by submitting this application, if hired I will be working for Jumeau International as an independent contractor. As such I am not entitled to any benefits normally provided full time employees. I have read the Description for Jumeau Fashion Specialists and will participate according to those terms.

This is a Work At Home Sales Position

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