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Non-Profit Event Support E-mail
Jumeau donates 25% of all sales that occur at your fund raising event. Jumeau routinely supports: non-profit events, school fundraisers, sports fundraisers, church/religious fundraisers. We are open to supporting any event or activity that helps enrich the community!!!
Jumeau tries to participate in as many charity & fund-raising events as possible, however participation is dependant on having a local Jumeau Fashion Specialist available to attend your event. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you regarding participation in your event.



In addition to being an active and supporting member of the community. Jumeau has a vision of sustainability, Jumeau sources recycled materials when possible, even paying more for things such as printing in the office. Sustainability is not just a recent transition for Jumeau – we have been green and sustainable from the start. One of our directors has been Vegetarian / Vegan for more than a decade. So go ahead and feel good about owning a Jumeau.

If we are unable to attend due to a lack of an available Fashion Specialist, please consider becoming a Fashion Specialist.