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Jumeau Brand Champions E-mail
Jumeau Brand Champions are Street Crew, Tech Reps, and Events Promoters
Members of the Jumeau Brand Champions are advocates who spread the brand vision, values and cultivate the brand to the public. The Jumeau Brand Champions program is geared toward supporting people who love Jumeau and spread the message. The main criterion for inclusion to the program is not always the person who attends the most events or who is the prettiest, but the person who inspires others.  The benefits for the Jumeau Brand Champions include limited discounts and access to limited edition product, invitation to Jumeau company events, and kickbacks for advocating the brand to consumers.

All members of the Jumeau Brand Champions must:
  • Be familiar with all Jumeau products and own several Jumeau bags
  • Be outgoing and social
  • Communicate relevant brand differentiation
  • Ensuring that the brand has an attractive personality
  • Making sure the brand stands for something important
  • Help creating, sustaining and ensuring Jumeau delivers passion for the brand’s mission, vision and promise
  • Ensure that Jumeau acts with consistency and integrity
  • Maximizing the public’s awareness of the brand
  • Infusing the brand with relevant innovation
  • Keeping the brand alive and “vital”
  • Be willing to visit one local dealer per month
  • Attend one Jumeau training per year
Brand Champion //  Brand Champion - Details // Brand Champion - Application (Adobe PDF version)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Jumeau Brand Champions send an email to champion(a)jumeaubags.com Please include a cover letter, events resume, and  photos.