• Where you hang your hat – I don’t wear hats much
  • How you make your money – I save lives
  • What you know – what you did last summer.

Alice - In Easter Island E-mail
Located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is famous for its mysterious monumental statues, called moai. The moai were carved on the outside and inside walls of this volcanic crater (Rano Raraku "The Quarry") on the eastern end of the island and transported all over the island to their destinations along the coast. It is estimated that nearly 1000 were carved, and there are nearly 400 of them deployed, buried, or abandoned while still under construction at this site.
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Alice - Angel in the Scottish Highlands E-mail
Have bag, will travel!
Alice takes her Lipp Stick Angel bag to the stunning Scottish countryside for a day of sightseeing. The splash of color is perfect for the cloudy days and the Angel is just the right size to carry her essentials. Now, if only she could pick up the Scottish accent her life would be complete...
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Alice - A Walk in the Park E-mail
Alice takes her Destroyer Belt out for a stroll in lovely Woodside, CA. The Destroyer dresses up her favorite pair of jeans with style & attitude, and takes her from her walk in the park to an afternoon at the cafe with great friends.

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Alice - Bio E-mail